Paige Michalchuk Fashion 4.17

Queen of Hearts

Ya know, I always think of Queen of Hearts as the Ellie + Alex episode, but it’s also quite big on Paige. I love how she looks in S4 – her hair, her grungy eye makeup. First she wears this tiny tee with a chihuahua on it. It looks like its name is “Chichi” lol. Next she’s at the movies with Matt. She wears casual flare cargo khakis, and ulta-low yellow cowl neck over a white shirt, and a random pink cowboy hat, which I kinda love. But in all actuality this outfit is pretty much awful. I mean, look at the size of those pockets on the khakis. Was she using those pants to smuggle food into the theatre? I guess, cuz ain’t nothing fitting into that mini purse. The next outfit, I love. It’s this gorgeous white off-shoulder top with flowers on it. Also, low rise janes and some kinda statement belt as per the 2000s requirements. And lastly, Paige wears her brown, scratchy work uniform and sneaks in a call on her flip phone.


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