Manny Santos Fashion 4.18

Bark at the Moon

Manny is wearing some low-hanging pants and a zip up hoodie for Spirit Squad practice. And then, this hairstyle she wears while she’s comforting Emma outside is one of my favorites. It’s parted down the middle, clipped at the sides, and it’s just, BIG. I have a thing for big hair. Probably because I don’t have it myself. Manny’s outfit is a powder blue track suit over an orange athletic tee with some white tennies. Oh yeah, and minor detail, she gets into a huge fight with Paige! Love it. She was definitely better dressed for fighting. At Emma’s she ices her face in a yellow robe. And when she sees Chester, who by the way she already dumped, she’s mortified because she’s “disfigured”. I always thought it was so weird that people are embarrassed about temporary things out of their control. Like “oh sorry for these mosquito bites on my legs” or “sorry for this black eye”… umm… you’re forgiven? Manny quickly ties up her oversized tie-dying shirt to reveal super short shorts and some very tall wedge flip flops. Those shoes are freakin amazing. Her last outfit is her – I think this is a Ferrari jacket? I don’t remember.


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