Paige Michalchuk Fashion 4.18

Bark at the Moon

I’ve got pages of Paige to share today (ha)! First she’s in a sky blue, which has got to be one of her best colors! Also she’s got very matte makeup, almost grunge-like eyeshadow, and nice skinny 2000s eyebrows. Oh yeah, and when she realizes Snake might have seen her out in public with Mr. O, she hurriedly dons this pink cowboy hat which I LOVE! Then she’s in class in a dusty pink top which has some ruffle detail. Actually, this might be better describes as a “tunic” because this thing is long, going down past her hips. I hated that era of clothing, the whole “is this a shirt of a dress?” thing. Ugh. She also wears a messenger bag and flare jeans. And this is the outfit that she wears while fighting Manny. I hate that such an iconic moment lasted like 7 seconds and was never spoken of again. When Paige stalks Mr. O and finds his apartment, she wears a burgundy 3/4 sleeve graphic tee. We get a work uniform moment as well… and finally, a peachy paisley blouse with cuffed flare jeans and stilettos.


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