Manny Santos Fashion 5.1

Venus Part 1

Oh right, we are kicking Season 5 off with a huge bang… Manny is coming in HOT am I right? Yeah things really get out of control in this season. We are kind of losing the relatability here. Sure, teen girls definitely struggle with fitting into beauty standards. Relatable. But we can’t relate to pursuing big-time acting and shopping for plastic surgery. I’m picturing Degrassi’s hand slipping out of my own as the relatability is plummeting and my grip is weakening. At least we have the whole “parents-willing-to-disown-you-at-the-drop-of-a-hat” bit. That’s relatable.

But let’s move on to the fashion. We start off with this swimsuit moment, featuring Manny in a hot pink bikini and large sunnies. And let me just say, I am LIVING for this S5 Manny hair. I ADORE these voluminous and perky shag. Next, her brows are waxed, her earrings are big, her tank is tight, and her khakis are low. Then she goes to the mall and tries on blonde wigs. What is our fixation with blondeness anyway? We briefly see her in a nice sequined tank layered over another tank and under a cardi. OH, I see, she’s trying these clothes on in the store. She’s also got low-rise jeans and a grommet belt here.

Next, for her impromptu audition with a talent agent, she wears gold wedges, a yellow ruffled mini skirt, and a matching tiny vest over what seems to be a bandeau. I mean, she really went all out for this look. Those tiny vests were SUCH a thing, I hope more of these show up as we go along. But the talent agent just let her have it. Then, we have a moment with this flip phone before we are back at school. I’m counting old tech as fashion. Manny is wearing her very famous stretchy orange halter under a weird green and orange zip up hoodie. Damn that hair is flouncy! She ties the hoodie around her waist to get verbally abused by her parents… before she goes to a rock-bottom party… where… well, you know what happens.


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