Ellie Nash Fashion 5.6

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

This little storyline of like, Jimmy being into drawing and Ellie being into horror comics and stuff.. it seems like it’s coming out of left field. It seems forced almost. And it reminds me of how little we’re shown what these kids are actually “into”. Ellie just always seems like a sudden expert at any given thing, it’s kind of annoying.

Anyway, so her hair loves the curling wand now. And her clothes are still pretty cool but she’s definitely devolving. lol. First she wears her Emily the Strange bag with a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve shirt and her go-to o-ring necklace. She takes Jimmy to the museum in a leather jacket, studded belt, and these flare jeans that are freaking cuffed like 6 inches. She and Paige both. How short ARE these people?! I had to buy long length jeans back then. She’s seen briefly looking cute in maroon, and finally in some graphic tee, giving Jimmy a LEADING smile.


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