Emma Nelson Fashion 5.7

Turned Out Part 1

Emma time! She first appears in classic Earthy Emma tones, sporting some athleisure and her classic trusty bag. Ew, and this is where Craig and Manny randomly decide to hook her up with Derek. My soul shrivels like a raisin at the thought. How do these two jokers even KNOW Derek? They say through Jimmy. But come on. It doesn’t work. Next we see her at school wearing a 2000s skin-tight-t-shirt that says Free Spirit, as well as some cropped jeans and flats. Next up is a tie-dye tee an some jeans with patches on them. She’s resisting the temptation of Peter. Look, Peter could be seen as somewhat enticing and mysterious here in Season 5. But BRO does he take a nosedive in Season 6. More on that later.

And finally, the date. One of the most PAINFUL moments of Degrassi. I am filled with cringe. And I am also filled with rage that this was written into the show at all. It’s insulting. Manny was supposed to have recommended this? Does Manny not know Emma at all? The more I think about this the less it makes sense. I mean, look at the two of them? Emma looks like her mom made her take her little brother to the mall. Anyway, Emma looks hot but didn’t try too hard, thank goodness, because it’s not worth her effort. She wears layered camis with a jean skirt and sandals. And thankfully she is very honest with Derek and aborts the mission. IMAGINE. IMAAAAAGINE if they continued to date. I might have had to quit watching this show.


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