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Alex Nunez Fashion 4.9

Back in Black

A new episode! We made it through Time Stands Still, let’s all release a sigh! Sadly though, the shadow still lingers over us for this episode. Here is Alex, in her tank, cross body bag, and hoops, showing a bit of a more sensitive side. However, the only inkling of remorse I believe we EVER get from her about the Rick thing is “I want to talk about what happened”.


Alex Yankou Fashion 5.12

DH S2E12: Three’s a Crowd
Aired: 1991

We kick off a new episode with Alex! This is the episode where Alex’s girlfriend Tessa decides to swerve and travel the route of Yick instead! So here are just several shots of Alex wearing that tan blazer over tees and jeans.

Alex Yankou Fashion 5.7

DH S2E7: The All-Nighter
Aired: 1990

This episode is legendary. Not so much Alex’s part in it though. Basically, Alex does homework, and that’s his contribution to The All-Nighter. As usual, he wears blazers and t-shirts.

Alex Yankou Fashion 5.6

DH S2E6: Crossed Wires
Aired: 1990

Alright, so Alex has a cool storyline in this episode – him dating Tessa and being too darn afraid to smooch her. And we all know she likes the physical activity, if you know what I mean – which, for the record, is not a bad thing. Around school, as usual, he wears a beige blazer over tee shirts and jorts. But for dates with Tessa, he steps it up with a shirt and tie.