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Manny Santos Fashion 3.9

 Against All Odds
Aired: 2003

This is it, folks. Another absolutely iconic Manny fashion episode. Second only to the first appearance of the thong I’d say. She’s on a MISSION you guys – to SEDUCE Craig into loving her. Somehow it worked, for a while, too. First she’s wearing this skin-tight athletic-inspired tee, with low-rise casual khakis. Her hair is so curly and lovely. Let’s move on. The RAVE. The CLUB outfit. Carefully curated by Manny on a mission. First is this pink and yellow crop top with flared sleeves. Then, this immaculate pink thong emerging from her low-rise super-tight jeans. And then hoop earrings, the hoopiest hoops ever. Also, super big hair. It’s really a shame that we don’t get a full view of this ensemble. And finally, we are back at school and Manny is wearing all pink – a light pink athletic set with a satin track jacket and white shoes. And she has a big blowout with Emma that somehow invisibly resolves itself.

Manny Santos Fashion 3.3

 U Got the Look
Aired: 2003

I CANNOT believe we’re actually here. Manny’s transformation. Manny’s thong. And here we are, a fashion, blog, journeying since 1987, to get here. And here we are. Manny has always been so sweet, innocent, childlike, with pigtails, as long as we’ve known her. But now, following in the footsteps of Stephanie Kaye, she has decided to change her style. She wants to be hot. So first we see her in her spirit squad outfit, being totally overlooked by the man of her dreams, Sketchy Sully.

So the next day, she’s wearing a huge hoodie walking to school, only to reveal a sexy velour tracksuit underneath. Not just any track suit – it’s a tube top complete with low-rise bottoms, in a fresh baby blue. She lets her hair down and immediately everyone is gawking. Later at the mall, we see the full fit which includes a matching jacket and bucket hat and white shoes. I love the look of “excessive color” as my high school called it. My high school banned “excessive color” because it was a “gang symbol”. Oh yeah, and her chain necklace says “VEGAS”. But anyway, now Manny decides she needs a thong, by holding it up to her face.

AND HERE WE ARE! Manny’s bright blue, bedazzled thong, busting out of super-low rise jeans, completely exposed under her blue bell-sleeve cropped shirt. In order to show off even more skin, she lets the top droop off her shoulders, and her bra straps follow suit. Hey eyeshadow is frosty, her hoops are huge, and her hat is suede. Also, that criss-cross tie up the front of the shirt was definitely a trend back then (it’s also made a minor comeback recently). Long story short, the whole school is suddenly in love with her, and she gets apprehended due to her “visible underwear”.

Cue next day. Manny is hiding under a huge jacket again to reveal, NO MORE VISIBLE UNDERWEAR. Because she’s not wearing underwear with those super-low-rise jeans today. She also wears an extremely cropped shirt that says “the most beautiful girl in the world” and a floral, cropped, zip-up short sleeve hoodie. It’s truly a look. She’s last seen at the Dot, and she’s added this pink hat which really completes the ‘fit.

Wow, we did it – we reviewed Manny’s style shift! Honestly I love it. Plus, think about this. This really shows a person’s power of transformation. it’s all about context. you never know what’s hiding under their overalls and pigtails. I mean, just think about Tessa Campanelli! I say all this not to sound creepy, but to say that people can go from 0 to 10, depending on what kind of clothes they have, how they carry themselves, how they position themselves, how they’re feeling that day. We are fluid and flexible creatures, we are masters of illusion and manipulation of appearances. We are an art!