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Amy Peters-Hoffman Fashion 3.21

Our House

Ah yes, Amy gets a nice roundup this episode. She always wears a high ponytail. We see her in a couple of jackets and hoodies, and then she decides to try moving in on Sean again in a horizontally-striped v-neck and low-rise pants. I wanna just skip right to THE party outfit. It’s a great athletic-inspired off-the shoulder top, with a mini skirt and boots. Fantastic!

Amy Peters-Hoffman Fashion 3.13

This Charming Man

Amy is so great. She’s got a curly ponytail with straightened side bangs. She wears a tank top showing major cleavage and covered by a zipup hoodie for modesty. And later on she’s got a pink polo and a black denim jacket.

Amy Peters-Hoffman Fashion 2.18

: Dressed in Black
Aired: 2003

I HAD to get this for you. Y’all. This is Amy. Alex Nunez’s best friend Amy. You’ll recognize her as we go along. For a long time I didn’t realize she was here on the show so early on! Even before Alex! She’s just an extra right now from what I see. But here’s her look, it reminds me of sexy Manny. She wears a cropped v-neck horizontally-striped sweater, hoops, and a Manny hat. I guess I’m going to have to figure out what those hats are called real soon. I mean, is this a newsboy cap? Anyway, she’s laughing at Ashley, who is the star of this episode.