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Paige Michalchuk Fashion 2.17

Aired: 2003

Paige’s role in this episode is taking complete advantage of Terri. Terri misreads Paige’s palm and predicts her death is nigh. Paige finds out that was a misread but milks it. A really cute and funny little plot imo. Anyway. with every time I watch Degrassi, I just find Paige more and more beautiful. Idk what it is man. Anyway, first she’s in an utterly skin-tight pewter colored long sleeve, with her hair parted down the middle. Outside she’s got on her blue shades and a jean jacket. The next day she’s in a reddish 3/4 sleeve button down that’s actually got a snakeskin print all over. Her final fit is a brown tee, brown pants, and an immaculate pink jean jacket, with classic frosty eyeshadow.