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Craig Manning Fashion 2.22

Tears are Not Enough, Part 2
Aired: 2003

Okay, I’m here trying to blog like normal on WordPress’s new editor. Hope this turns out okay. We’ve arrived at the star of the episode, Craig. He’s still wearing a bunch of brown and darkness, both at school and his father’s funeral. Such an interesting situation to portray in this episode. Craig is glad his dad is dead, but he’s also completely hurt his daddy is dead. I was reading about this idea of the “mother wound” so I’m assuming there’s a “father wound” too. So like, Craig’s dad did not give him what he needed, but at the same time, Craig still looks to his dad to be that source of what he needs anyway. And of course, there were ways in which Craig’s dad did serve as a father. Food, clothing, shelter, maybe even a little bit of fun sometimes. Perhaps that contrast is what creates the wound. It is so strange to receive both sustenance & love, and abuse & criticism, all from your should-be nurturer. What a curious arrangement we humans live in. ANYWAY, last episode, when Craig finally decides to wear some color (a Hawaiian shirt), he has a breakdown. But the breakdown is the first step to getting better. Sorry I got a little bit off the fashion tracks there!