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Alexa Pappadopoulos Fashion 1.2

Mother and Child Reunion Deleted Scenes

alexa 1

I almost forgot the deleted scenes, so I will tack them here on the end! I’m so glad to see Alexa and delighted that she is still as perky as ever! Here she wears a kimono-ish cardigan thing, and a black lacy blouse, and a beach ball under her shirt. Oh, sorry, I mean she’s pregnant…


Alexa & Simon Fashion: School’s Out!

School’s Out!
Aired: 1992

After trying to screencap this pair individually, I realized it’s easiest to just combine them into one post! Sorry they’re all out of order, but you remember what happens – they’re engaged, they fight a little bit while partying, and then they get married! Alexa’s hair is a nice warm shade of brown, and we get to see her in a blue tank and patterned shorts, her graduation gown, and this AWESOME post grad dress that’s off the shoulder and ruffly, then a couple of floral tees. And finally, a great early 90s wedding dress, very extra and very poofy. As for Simon, he’s grown his hair into a bit of a shag, and he wears a lot of the same that we’re used to – button downs, khakis, polos. But come on, let’s talk about what we’re really all here to talk about – Simon got a perm for his wedding day. I’m not really sure what to say about it. But he’s a nice poodly groom. It actually doesn’t look that bad. He could pull off the naturally-curly thing.

So yeah, I’m really glad we got to see Simon and Alexa in this movie, I’m glad they came back. I just love Alexa, she’s a bright ray of sunshine, and Simon is not so bad either.

Should I do a “where are they now” segment at the end of all this? I’m not sure if I want to or not, but I’ll say that I am honored and privileged to have been able to correspond with Ms. Irene (Alexa) the past couple of years via broomheadz. She’s one of my favorite characters so I’m still extremely humbled at the thought! From what I can see, she is having a great life and has a beautiful family.

As for Michael (Simon), I could have sworn I saw that he worked on TV or film sets behind the scenes. I think I found his LinkedIn or something at some point. But I just now did a brief little search and couldn’t locate him. I didn’t go into full stalker mode or anything though.

Alexa Pappadopoulos Fashion 5.10-11

DH S2E10-11: Showtime
Aired: 1991

alexa 1

Here it is – it’s THE episode. The one where things get even realer than they’ve ever gotten. DEGRASSI – IT GOES THERE. So I couldn’t snag much Alexa for you, but she’s here in a grey top and a neck bandanna thing.  And it’s super blurry, sorry. But I’m loving the practically ombre look to her hair, and the bangs of course!

Alexa Pappadopoulos Fashion 5.8

DH S2E8: Home Sweet Home
Aired: 1990

My lovely lovely Alexa wears a mustard tee with a black skirt, and then a blue sweater. Her hair is highlighted, layers, and has a beautiful fringe, and she’s just a goddess, I’ll stop there.

Alexa Pappadopoulos Fashion 5.5

DH S2E5: Body Politics
Aired: 1990

We are in a new episode!! Wheee! Alexa wears a pink tee, sleeves cuffed, and jean shorts. Then she gets tropical-looking with a green floral sleeveless top and a black skirt. Her hair is just gorgeous – full, textured, and golden.

Alexa Pappadopoulos Fashion 5.3

DH S2E3: Loyalties
Aired: 1990

Alexa, my queen, is wearing some billowy floral pants, a gorgeous top, and long sunkissed hair. Her second ensemble is a peachy-orangey top. Michelle is having a hard time being flexible with Alexa. I could never be mad at her. Except for that one time she tried to steal BLT away in Junior High.

Alexa Pappadopoulos Fashion 5.2

DH S2E2: Bad Blood Part 2
Aired: 1990

Alexa is looking like the concerned best friend in this episode. She wears a purple turtleneck and a purple shoulderpadded blazery type thing, with hoop earrings. Her wardrobe is always simple but always seems very.. intentional, for lack of a better word. Purposeful.

Alexa Pappadopoulos Fashion 5.1

DH S2E1: Bad Blood Part 1
Aired: 1990

It’s a new school year and Alexa shines brightly as always in a blue tee and jean skirt. Then she laughs at Joey’s nudity wearing a grey cowl-neck sweater.