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Sully Fashion 3.3

 U Got the Look
Aired: 2003

Sully has returned, after a few instances so far of suggesting his questionable character. Nevertheless, Manny is into him, and he’s suddenly into her once he sees that whale tail. Like Spinner, he is first seen covered entirely with mud. Then he wears a blue button down and those slick shades. And lastly, he’s in this red and black (or red and blue) soccer looking pullover.

Sully Fashion 2.19

Fight for your Right
Aired: 2003

Sully is over here with tons of money ready to buy Jimmy’s MP3 player off Spinner. He wears like, some kinda blue and yellow polo shirt that makes me think of soccer or something. He wears this horrible amazing yellow sunglasses indoors and has a watch and a cross body bag.


Sully Fashion 2.18

Dressed in Black
Aired: 2003

sully 1

Omg, it’s the first appearance of Sully here on broomheadz! His purpose is to call Ashley creepy or something and imply that she is not hot. He’s dressed like a total PREP for good measure – khakis and a blue button down.