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Vicky Friedland Fashion 2.3

DJH S2E3: Great Expectations
Airdate: 1988

Vicky 1 Vicky 2

It looks like at some point Vicky ditched the black vest that she wore with this big white top and orange peasant skirt. Unless she’s got a couple of orange skirts!

Vicky Friedland Fashion 2.2

DJH S2E2: A Helping Hand…
Airdate: 1988

Vicky 1

Hey, Vicky, the ever-faithful extra! She’s wearing a really cute getup today – big jean jacket over a grey and white striped tee and a knee-length black skirt (could be shorts).

Vicky Friedland Fashion 1.13

DJH S1E13: Revolution
Airdate: 1987

So, it took me many many rounds of watching DJH to realize:

1. That this girl is a regular on the show

2. That she is not the same person as Annie, another minor background character!

So, for any of you who may not know, this is Vicky Friedland. Now that you’ve met her, you will see her everywhere.

Vicki 2

Vicky’s oversized “boyfriend” shirt is awesome. Spectacular “fat day” shirt.


And this shiz is what I expect to be seeing in the 80s!! Love this collar. Gotta say, Vicky is a lot more dressed up for school than the other kids – well maybe besides Stephanie Kaye.