Spike Nelson Fashion 5.6

DH S2E6: Crossed Wires
Aired: 1990


In my mind, this episode, for Spike, and her fashion, has always been a big deal. So let’s break it down. First, she wears like, this high-low crop top with a grey skirt, and freaking spiderweb leggings, which I am living for. Then, is THE getup, which I couldn’t grab a full body shot of, which is why you see this in segments. Let’s start with the top, okay? She’s got these clip on extension things in her hair that add so much length, her hair reaches her butt. The extensions have a curly-crimp texture with straight ends. Actually, I think she just has this piece attached to the tie of her half-ponytail. Anyway, it’s super bold and daring and very like, high-schooler, so I love it. She wears a blue tee, grey pinstripe vest, a multicolored striped skirt with a giant belt, and black oxfords with black shoes. And a lot of ear jewelry. And finally, she has her heart-to-heart with Liz wearing a classic Gourmet Scum shirt.

Edit: Commenter David cleared something up – the last shirt of this gallery is not a Gourmet Scum shirt, but a SCUM shirt – a real life band! hah thanks David.

4 thoughts on “Spike Nelson Fashion 5.6

  1. David

    On the last picture, the shirt worn by Spike comes from a real Montreal punk band of the early 80’s. The band was called S c.u.m (Society controlled under murderers)



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