Minor Character Fashion: School’s Out!

School’s Out!
Aired: 1992

Time for our extras, minors, randos, etc. First is the jewelry store man, disappointed he has Joey and Joey’s measly wallet as customers. Then is some random dude in the weed smoking circle, wearing nothing worth mentioning – he does have cool hair though. Next is a lady in a yellow spotted high-waist bikini at the public pool. Then another babe in a flowery one-piece. But I gotta say I love the grandma in goggles and a flower swim cap the best – she’s got the best looks at this concrete watering hole. And then, I think this is a lady at the abortion place? And maybe I’m crazy, but she looks kinda like she might be Lucy’s mom. Like, Anais wrote an article that showed pictures of her parents and I swear I remember her mom looking like that. I don’t know, it’s probably nothing. Next is another abortionist in a big floral dress to show us we are definitely creeping into the 90s for sure. And then, sorry to include such a terrible photo, but here are some servicepeople on the job after the accident.

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