Snake Simpson Fashion: School’s Out!

School’s Out!
Aired: 1992

We get a lot of Snake and we sure haven’t seen the last of him, goodness. I’m actually in the process of screenshotting Degrassi Next Class (before I delete Netflix ASAP) and 20 years later he’s still all up in it. So let’s get into it. Here he is in his graduation robe. He plays pool in some shirt, it’s too dark to tell what’s on it. But come on, the reason you’re all here at School’s Out isn’t for the sex or bikinis, it’s for Snake’s lifeguard getup. He wears this bright yellow, blue, and white tank, these incredibly small shorts, a bucket hat that seems a little small, and slathers on that sunscreen, right on the nose. Schnoz? I felt the need to write schnoz. Sometimes I’m like channeling some other person when I write these things. No offense but that pool is just not cute. Maybe that was the point. And then Snake learns he’s the only virgin left in this cool staticy tee. Oof, then he’s got on this weird striped polo with flowers on it? It’s like horrible, but I also like it, you know? And at the final party where ALL IS EXPOSED…. Snake wears a stripedy tee. And a scowl. He goes off to college – sorry, university – looking mighty mature in a teal polo. Then he brings his new piece of tail to Simon and Alexa’s wedding – Pam. And Snake is all suited up.

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