Ashley Kerwin Fashion 1.3

Family Politics

I am pleased to bring Ashley Kerwin to broomheadz. I just love Ashley, especially in Seasons 1 and 2. I identify so incredibly with her carefully styled yet still awkward hair, intentional yet awkward outfits, and those overplucked eyebrows. Like, I feel that so much. First we start off with Ashley’s long-sleeve long-pants pajamas. Then she waits for her turn in the bathroom, where we can see that “training” bra hanging in the shower. I think it’s just a regular bra tbh. On the first day back at school, she wears a purpley-blue sleeveless shirt with a hood, a nice 2000s necklace, and a headband to try to control that insane amount of hair she has. She wears a cross body backpack thingie, which I had in grade 8 as well, which I still own today because it’s awesome. And finally she wears some khakis and I’m pretty sure for shoes she has mules, but I was unable to capture. As you may remember, Ash is running for school president. She wears a polo shirt which is white but has a red collar, sleeves, and chest pocket. With it she wears a big ol’ maxi pencil skirt, hoop earrings, a headband, and some more necklaces. What do you think of Ashley’s style?

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