Ashley Kerwin Fashion 1.4

Eye of the Beholder


Time for a new episode! This one is basically TNG’s version of “The Big Dance” from DJH, so I’m all about it. We kick off with Ashley because her name starts with “A” so she’s first. She’s still sporting that cross-body bag and wears this ORANGE CAMO tank top. And it’s horrible. And I really want to take a moment here. Because I too had a love for colorful camo. In 6th grade, I had a silky, short sleeve, collared, button down BLUE CAMO shirt and it was my favorite. OMG. And it was horrible. So once again I can relate to Ashley on a real level. She also wears this tiny metallic beaded necklace – I’m not quite sure if it’s a ball bearing necklace or just shiny beads. But next, for the dance, you know it was kinda cool to be kinda casual at the school dance, right? Don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard. So Ashley wears a shimmery graphic tee, the same necklace, and hoop earrings. But she fancies it up a notch by wearing her hair half-up with these perfectly 2000s tendrils dangling down to frame her face. Oh and we have some subtle blue eyeshadow there. And finally, the morning of shame, she escorts hungover Terri wearing a periwinkle windbreaker over a blue tee, with hoop earrings, and like, half-pigtails? Peep that cell phone in the front pocket of her bag. Pretty cool, eh?

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