Ashley Kerwin Fashion 1.6

The Mating Game

Welcome to the next episode – The Mating Game! As you may remember, this is the episode where Ashley and Jimmy plan to do the deed, and as fate would have it, we get to kick things off with Ashley herself! First, she wears a headband, hoops, a white v-neck tee, and a random cross necklace. Then, she’s got a dark red tank, grey pants, more hoops, and she’s beginning to fume as Paige tries to mess with her a little bit after being cast as the Juliet to Jimmy’s Romeo. Then, she wears a pale purple polo, the perfect top to seduce your boyfriend in. But then she dresses up for the real deed – the “best laid plans” if you will. She wears a navy and red tank dress that may very well be Tommy Hilfiger. But of course by the next school day, she’s still a virgin, and wearing that orange camo tank.

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