Manny Santos Fashion 1.6

The Mating Game

Sweet little baby Manny is just perfectly encompassing that childlike grade seven mood. Once again a beautiful contrast against Paige (who “HAS” done it) and Ash (who’s “TOTALLY about to do it”).  First Manny wears a ponytail, a chunky pink watch, and a tye-dye shirt with sequins all along the collar. Ah, don’t you love it? A tee shirt with sequins on it. The 2000s really knew how to dress things up. Then we have more tie-dye, of a reddish hue, with light wash, loose-fitting jeans, and chunky shoes. And finally, a blue long sleeve tee with a sort of dip-dye effect, random graphics on it, (keep in mind it’s that nice 2000s shirt length where it’s not quite cropped but not quite normal) and more light wash jeans. Let’s continue to sit back and wait for the moment Manny gets her own storyline.

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