Ashley Kerwin Fashion 1.8

Secrets and Lies


Yay, another Ashley episode! (I’m saying “yay” genuinely because I actually do like Ashley – early Ashley, at least.) Her first outfit from top to bottom includes – hair pulled half back, hoop earrings, a red tee with small grommet details around the collar, a black cardigan, and that blue and red maxi skirt. Awesome middle school awkwardness. Next, she smiles sentimentally as her dad talks about getting blown up to her class. She wears a pale blue ribbed turtleneck. Then, suddenly the grade 8 girls trio are on the floor hockey team, never to be spoken of again, (ok ok maybe it’s just PE) and Ash wears a long sleeve, shorts, and knee-high tube socks. And finally, you know this color scheme is symbolic af. Ashley wears all grey to mourn the loss of her father’s heterosexuality. (Haha I know that’s not actually why she’s upset, but I couldn’t resist.)

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