Emma Nelson Fashion 1.9

Coming of Age


Oh man, here we are! The episode where Emma suffers PMS and starts her period, woo-hoo! First, she’s actually sporting the criss-cross part in her hair, and wearing a shirt with a horse and clouds on it, and a big chunky watch. I mean, it’s really kind of sad to sit and analyze this outfit. This is the outfit of a sweet carefree child. She’s about to cross that threshold into raging PMS, pain in the boobs, back, head, abdomen, and managing difficult bloodflow for the next few decades. I know Paige’s message is “You’re still a kid, just with a mini-pad” but it’s still sad for a kid to have to do all these things. I’m more period-positive these days but when I was twelve, HELL NO, so I sympathize with Emma here. So yeah she’s PMSing, so Spike takes her shopping, and Emma gets this new turtleneck sweater of brown, green, and blue horizontal stripes. She wears it with a khaki miniskirt. And come to think of it, I think this is the first time we’ve seen her wear something so womanly. Regardless, it gets destroyed in a puddle of blood and she’s then forced to wear XXL gym shorts to deliver an oral report. But she reports to school the next day with grace and dignity in a tan jacket and black pants. Thanks for the advice, Paige.

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