Ashley Kerwin Fashion 1.9

Coming of Age

New episode!! This is a great one. Emma becomes a woman and Ashley grows tired of Jimmy. First Ash wears, what is this? a duster sweater thing? with a matching blue top and khaki pants. I can practically feel the physical discomfort of wearing khakis as I look at this. She embarks on her school day with her old faithfuls too – the half-ponytail and the cross body bag. The next day, as her “I actually hate Jimmy” secret has become known to Toby, she genuinely is dressed suspiciously – like she’s hiding something. She wears a drab hoodie all zipped up to hide her actual outfit. And finally, for our final outfit, the deed has been done. Ashley dumped Jimmy’s ass. She wears a cowl-neck sweater (I love her in red), a headband, and I got you a closeup of her red nails too. And don’t worry, in case you forgot, the breakup didn’t last long. I remember how it feels to suddenly be repulsed by your boyfriend. Thank goodness it’s different when you’re married I guess, because I don’t feel suddenly repulsed by my husband.

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