Ashley Kerwin Fashion 1.13


We’ve begun a new episode! How sad that we usually start with Ashley but then have to end with Toby? Sad fashion-wise at least. I’m sorry but these Degrassi boys don’t dress very interestingly right now (except for JT). So Cabaret is a super fun episode, I’m looking forward to getting into this. First, we don’t have to miss out on Ashley’s mushroom hair, as she wears it half down to play her funeral dirge for Terri and encourage her to sing along. Then she wears a lavender 3/4 sleeve polo thing, and it looks like her hair is pulled into a half ponytail and then full ponytail, you know what I’m talking about? I don’t know if there’s a name for that. Next, I friggin love Ash in red. She wears a red cowlneck sweater, a black miniskirt, and boots. Finally, she confronts “Paige and Terri” the band in an almost floor length denim jacket and hoop earrings.

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