Terri MacGregor Fashion 1.13



First Terri is wearing a periwinkle short sleeve with some kind of cartoon animals sewn on the front, over a long sleeve, and a headband. A slight upgrade from her usual pajama-chic style. But then we’re back with a tank and a falling-off zip up hoodie. Next, the directors were like, “look in the mirror and act like you’re primping yourself” so Terri’s actor just wipes her forehead multiple times with her hand. She’s wearing horizontal stripes, a hooded vest, and twisty hair, all three of which have become  recognized trends here in Season 1 so far. Then, for the show, she actually wears what Paige wants her to – her hair is wavy, she’s got blue sunglasses, hoop earrings, a shimmery shirt, that #1 necklace, a chain belt, and jeans.

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