Spike Nelson Fashion 2.3

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Aired: 2002

We are gathered here in Spike’s macaroni orange home to view her ensembles for this episode. First she wears her hair either slicked back or combed back, and a scoop neck tee with half-length sleeves. And I’ll always remember her Elvis Costello outfit. I think I was like, an actual fan of it back in the day. It’s a set of matching shirt and pants. The shirt is a very pale blue ribbed tank that has this zipper down the front, and whatever you call this kind of neckline I don’t know. Then the pants are almost 70s-reminiscent, khaki and flared with a stripe down the leg in that matching blue color. I thought it was super cool. Oh god, I just realized, my last Snake post where they are making out at the end, that’s after the concert. Spike wore this cool getup to go the concert and Snake literally wore a teaching outfit. OMG.

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