Snake Simpson Fashion 2.3

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Aired: 2002

LOL god. Snake is wearing a bland monochromatic outfit complete with Wallaby shoes. I can’t even say much more than that. It pains me. However, he finally is somewhat interestingly dressed for the daytime 80s dance. A styled wig, a multicolored shirt, two? vests, and some eye makeup. Again,  idk who he’s dressed as, sorry. He even plays “Everybody Wants Something”. Okay, so when I was first watching this show, I think I understood by now that there was an 80s Degrassi and that’s where a lot of the grown ups came from. They’ve mentioned their band before and I was assuming it was gonna be a really cool 80s rock band, right? Like, the 80s were heavy and awesome (this is my teenage thought here okay?). And then, when Snake plays “Everybody Wants Something” over the speakers, I was like. Seriously? THIS is the band they talk so much about? This is the dorkiest thing ever. Anyway, the last picture is him making out with Spike in a normal grown up Snake shirt.

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