Emma Nelson Fashion 2.5

Weird Science
Aired: 2002

Emma Nelson is a mad scientist in this episode. Mad as in pissed. First she’s just glaring at Snake during family dinner, in a red v-neck tee. Is this perhaps the only time we ever see Emma in red? The next day, she’s actually wearing a labcoat over her heart-on shirt while she conducts experiments and gripes about Snake. As a long-time Archie Comics fan, though, I do love the reference to Betty and Veronica here in the dialogue. (No I have not seen Riverdale, leave me alone.) Fortunately she’s not wearing the labcoat ALL day, and she’s shown frowning in the halls wearing her cross-body bag. And for the big day, the science fair, Emma wears a horizontal-striped tank with some high-waisted, belted pants which I know for sure would not have been considered cool. An environmental/summer camp look maybe, but definitely not cool. And we conclude with Emma at home in her lime green floral pajamas.

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