Ashley Kerwin Fashion 2.6

: Drive
Aired: 2002

Dude, I love this episode. I love both the A plot and the B plot. AND I just realized that this is Ashley’s actual blossoming into a goth goddess. We’ve seen hints of it approaching, but since the last episode she has chopped her hair off and is now dressed as a full queen. It’s interesting because, you can tell that independently, Ashley was feeling dark. But then it’s like, when she met Ellie, Ashley really let her goth flag fly. And forgive me for rambling, as someone who feels Ashley is a kindred spirit. But I totally understand Ashley, not only in her real natural inclination to the dark side, but also her need to compensate where she feels insecure still, especially around seasoned alt-girl Ellie. Ellie on the other hand isn’t trying to impress Ashley or anyone. But anyway, this is our first Degrassi goth since Faith of DJH, and I welcome her with open arms.

Ashley wears a short do and long nails; black choker and hoop earrings; black netted top and black skirt; chunky black shoes. The situation here is that Ashley wants to get a piercing for street cred to be a comparable friend to Ellie. The next day, she wears a dark cardi over yet another black ensemble. This pencil skirt has lacing down the front which I love. I had one just like it. She’s got another majestic choker on today, along with frosty blue eyeshadow and some dark lip gloss. And then of course she has an embarrassing bailout on the piercing table. Her fear of needles was stronger than her desire for clout.

And welcome to Ashley’s official goth stage. I hate to call it a phase. Even though eventually she evolves into more of a rocker type, I don’t think that is a betrayal of her goth/alt roots. They’re still there, but sometimes it’s just more practical to tone it down a bit. I don’t doubt her sincerity as a goth, even though it doesn’t last forever. And I really really enjoy it. It’s rather jarring, especially toward the end of season 2. Jarringly majestic. (Majestic being the word that I will overuse to describe her elegance.)

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