Craig Manning Fashion 2.6

: Drive
Aired: 2002

This episode stars Craig, who still wears a lot of black, brown, and navy. As you may recall, this is the episode where Joey entrusts his house to Craig for the weekend while he goes on a sex getaway. Craig ends up stealing one of Joey’s cars and going on a joy ride. Then Joey loses his shit as though he’s never heard of anyone doing such a thing. Well, Joey, maybe you need a reminder that not only did you do the exact same thing, but you actually got in a little accident. Ya jerk.

Anyway, first…. Craig wears brown. Then he wears some more brown. Oh this color scheme is terrible. The wardrobe department did this on purpose to demonstrate how lost and damaged Craig is. But it’s bad. Ope, and that’s the end of Craig’s fashion show. He also sports a shaggy bedhead ‘do as always.


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