Ellie Nash Fashion 2.6

: Drive
Aired: 2002

First Ellie is sporting an elaborate purplish braided updo, with frosty eyeshadow, dark lips, a bellybutton ring, denim skirt, a black vest thing over a grey tee and mesh long sleeves, knee-high socks, and chunky shoes. Oh yeah and a close up of this triple-buckle grommeted belt accenting that low-rise skirt. People are so quick to call her “goth” but she’s so different than goth. Her style is really unique, I love it. She gets her cartilage pierced like it was nothing and goes along on her way. Next, is El in RED. I hate when people say redheads shouldn’t wear red or pink. Because I LIVE for it. This getup is bomb. A red flare-sleeve shirt under a black tank, plaid skirt, spiked necklace, and another braided updo. I adore this!

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