Terri MacGregor Fashion 2.8

Shout, Part 2
Aired: 2002

Terri first rushes up to Paige with dreams of LA, wearing that floral chiffon pencil skirt that the wore for the dance in season 1. She wears it with a jean jacket and messenger bag. Her hair is in twisty corn rows. OH, and she wears one of those ball hair ties — love those! Then we have a wardrobe change – Terri dons her old PMS outfit – wide leg jeans, a shimmery top, and blue shades. And Paige is NOT having it. Cheesy girl bands are over, apparently. Crazy how much can phase out in one year. Then she is seen in this peasant top, which loses all of its glamor under a zip up hoodie. With it she wears a jean skirt and her hair is up in a clip. Oh, and chunky white tennies as well. And finally, for the PMS show, her hair is twisty again and she wears a black dress. Sadly we don’t get to enjoy PMS’s outfits much, I couldn’t get very good shots.


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