Marco Del Rossi Fashion 2.10

Take my Breath away
Aired: 2002

Marco is slowly being introduced as this coveted cool guy. And honestly his clothes are and continue to be a breath of fresh air compared to some of the other dudes. For this little B plot to go alongside Manny’s disastrous date, Ellie is over here having a secret crush on Marco. This first photo, though distant and blurry, I had to include because Marco is wearing more flared jeans, cuffed to reveal these shoes that I think are some kind of like, I want to say soccer shoes, but soccer shoes are cleats… I don’t know, these are on the tip of my tongue. Are they Pumas? Anyway he wears a beige graphic tee, a necklace, and earrings including his cartilage. Next he’s seen in a yellow windbreaker vest over a grey tee.


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