Miscellaneous Fashion 2.12

White Wedding, Part 1
Aired: 2002

Here are the random people from the episode! First is the strip club bouncer, who I must say was fantastically cast. He’s so gruff and scary but the only fashion content we get from him is this cool biker mustache. Next is the cake delivery lady who I find scary because she’s randomly yelling about something for no apparent reason. For some reason her outfit looks like she’s ready to garden. Denim bucket hat, and denim jacket. Next is some dude who comes to Snake’s stag party. I wish he was like, someone from high school, but he seems to just be a rando. And he’s literally wearing all khaki. Someone should have turned him away at the door. And finally is the mariachi band looking sleek in all white getups; nonetheless, Spike threatens to murder them.

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