Marco Del Rossi Fashion 2.14

Careless Whisper
Aired: 2003

This is a Marco episode so we are serving lots of Marco today! We kick off at a little basketball match among friends, strikingly erotic, reflecting that shirtless match between Snake and friends in Degrassi Junior High. Marco is wearing one of those athletic-inspired casual tees we see so much during this era. Next he’s in a jean jacket and his super-cool cartiledge piercing is nicely visible here. He wears the jacket with khakis and a white tee. On his date with Ellie he wears a blue ribbed sweater, and a sneeze on his hands. Back at school we see him in gym with a grey tee and red basketball shorts. And outside, he wears a red ringer tee with black slacks. And finally, a tan and grey long sleeve.

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