Terri MacGregor Fashion 2.17

Aired: 2003

Terri reads palms with a lotta jewelry, braids in her hair, and a grey v-neck under a grey zip-up hoodie. Ashley looking all hard but being all judgey. (I know it’s simply a stereotype that goths are into the dark arts but you’d at least think Ash would be a little more chill about it.)  She wears that bad midi denim pencil skirt and chunky white tennies. Oh yeah, and her prediction is that Paige is gonna die, which is soon disproven but Terri is left in the dark worrying on that. The next day she’s in a horizontally-striped tee and a hooded vest, still sporting the braids. Oh yeah, also the cross body bag. I like to point those out as much as possible till they disappear. Next we see one of those striped, long sleeve polos that are awful. I also had to grab a shot of this Blackberry because well, it’s fashion in its own way right? Next we’re wearing another zip-up hoodie, with sweatpants and those white shoes. Terri staying true to her pajama-chic style.

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