Ashley Kerwin Fashion 2.18

Dressed in Black
Aired: 2003

We are reaching the PEAK of Goth Ashley. And this episode, is all about just that. Discrimination against the goths. There’s something about the opening scene here, the overwhelming camera angle, just does a great job of portraying Jimmy’s overwhelmed point of view. (You may remember that Jimmy’s having second thoughts about dating a goth.) First we see her in a scoop neck kinda top, a choker, and extra makeup. The next shot is a beautiful closeup of her smoky eye. I also got a shot of those shimmery nails. Here in the hall it actually looks like she’s wearing the same ‘fit she had on while playing piano for Jimmy in the house. And then when she puts on the black fur coat – I’ll say it again – MAJESTIC. Oh yeah, and her hair is straight up black now btw. I did catch a shot of the Ashley photo that is in Jimmy’s locker – Season 1 Ashley in that Tommy Hilfiger dress (idk if that’s who it’s really by, it’s just who it makes me think of) looking like a TOTAL normie. Ashley is like, bitch, take that down. Anyway now we are at dinner and still in the same outfit. Good view of the spiky hair actually. And the next fit is a top with a kind of corset-y neckline and a mesh panel up top. This panel has holes in it and doesn’t look like it came that way, tbh. She wears a cardi over it. Then a couple more TBTs of old Ashley are shown from the yearbook. Then, we get a cute glimpse of her makeup, as she sits in her bathrobe contemplating whether to make everyone else happy (be a normie) or make herself happy (experiment). She decides to try making everyone else happy. So she wears a purple polo and a periwinkle zipup hoodie over top, with a cross body bag, jeans, and light makeup. Oh and I got a couple shots of her skit with Craig, wearing an apron and an awful wig. And for our LAST shot, the old Ashley is back, and she looks gorgeous, in this red lacy or velvety top and a long necklace.

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