Emma Nelson Fashion 2.19

Fight for your Right
Aired: 2003

I’m serving up heaps and platefuls of non-genetically-modified Emma for you today. This is another one of the very first “new” Degrassi episodes I remember seeing on TV. Emma fighting against GM foods, which grows into a larger fight against the system. One of my screenshots was corrupted so I hope that I didn’t miss anything. First Emma is seen practicing her presentation in a tie-dye tee and zip up hoodie. Then she’s walking to school with her cross-body bag, a vest over a sweater, and a hat. Her jeans have little flowers embroidered on them. Oh yeah, she also has a Kyoto button on her collar. Okay, next up is where I’m missing a file that shoes Emma is wearing a long sleeve grey tee with “GM Foods” written on the front surrounded by a circle with a slash through it. And then as you see on the back it says “1 BAD IDEA”. Her bag has lots of key chains dangling off, as was cool back in the day. Then, we are on Emma’s couch and I can’t quite make out this shirt, but it’s dark in color and long sleeved. And finally, she makes her anti-apology to the school wearing a burgundy shirt with a butterfly on it.


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