Ashley Kerwin Fashion 2.21

: Tears are Not Enough, Part 1
Aired: 2003

Ladies and gentlemen and friends, Ashley has PEAKED!!!! This is the climax of Ashley Kerwin’s style. Here we are, at the zenith. The apex. I worship this. She is a beautiful fallen angel who walks in grace. Her black are blacker than black and she strikes fear into the heart of the simpleton. It’s winter, we can see breath hanging in the air, and Ashley dons many layers. We see mesh detailing under her sleeves, hooked on to her middle finger. She wears a skirt, leggings, boots, and jacket all in the perfect black. Her hair seems freshly-dyed and her makeup is darker than ever. The fur on the coat is my favorite detail. And I love the way Craig is so genuinely interested in her, just digging her, no matter what. There was something so pure about that, especially compared to the Jimmy relationship. I don’t like Craig and Ashley as a couple, but I felt the connection they made here in this season finale was really touching.

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