Ellie Nash Fashion 3.5

 Pride, Part 2
Aired: 2003

Okay, real talk. Is it just me or is Ellie acting REALLY weird and unsympathetic about Marco getting assaulted? I’m to this day still confused about this little bit. Okay, so as I understand it, Marco doesn’t tell people he got beat up for being gay. Apparently he tells people he got “swarmed for his shoes”. And up until this very moment, I thought he meant he got beat up because his shoes looked gay. Is he trying to tell people he got beat up so people could steal his shoes? See, all of this sounds absurd. So I guess I understand why Ellie doesn’t know how to act. STILL though, she could be a bit more loving.

Ellie wears layered black shirts with what seems to be a full-length skirt made of green and black patches. She wears a choker and is faithfully sporting the pigtail braids. I love pigtail braids but I feel like they make me look like a little girl every time I wear them. Next is more black layers, layers of necklaces, and some kind of orange skirt too. Her brows are looking very 2000s. And finally we get a small glimpse of whatever she’s wearing while Snake gets his head shaved. Can’t really make it out but there’s definitely a lime-green seam on her sleeve. Do y’all remember, especially Hot Topic clothes, would have those inside-out seams, oftentimes a cool color like that?


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