Emma Nelson Fashion 3.6

 Gangsta Gangsta
Aired: 2003

The beginning of the second end, of Sean and Emma. Weird relationship, don’t really approve of it myself. But in terms of style, you reeeeeaaally are starting to see the separation between the two, as their styles completely clash, reflecting their completely different interests and lifestyles. Look, I’m not trying to say people of different subcultures can’t have a healthy relationship, but you gotta admit that a hippie dating a gangster is a stretch. First Emma wears a burgundy blouse, khaki capris, and cream colored sneakers. Next she cleans the ravine in a blue tie-dye tank and more khakis. I was just mentioning to one of my zoomer coworkers that we all used to wear khakis casually, and she was like, whaaaa? Next is her school picture, which is kinda sad, because it’s like a kind gesture that’s about to get crumpled up. Anyway she’s wearing a pinkish tee with a mandala on it. And finally, Emma is signing the picture and trying to give it to Sean, wearing her floor-length purse, a jean skirt, and a white peasant top.


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