Spinner Mason Fashion 3.10

 Never Gonna Give You Up
Aired: 2003

This is the subplot where Spinner wants JT to go away and stop being friends with Paige. Idk why y’all like this dude so much but whatever. First, he’s wearing those shorts. You remember these shorts, back from the day. They’re so long and baggy that they’re almost pants. Ha, I think these are hilarious. Then he’s just got a tee and zip up hoodie. I type “zip up hoodie” so much we might as well start calling them ZUHs. His hair looks gross as usual. He does make an appearance in his The Dot uniform. And then JT rips Spinner’s pants off in a totally hetero way, revealing some classic stereotypical boxers with hearts on them as if we were in some kind of cartoon. Also note the silhouette of those skate shoes that were IT back in the day. The flatter the bottoms, the rounder the toes, the puffier the tongue, the cooler you were.

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