Terri MacGregor Fashion 3.10

 Never Gonna Give You Up
Aired: 2003

I wish we were getting such a huge Terri spread under better circumstances, but as we all know, this is where her relationship with Rick is turning sour. First, Terri is wearing her hair half-up and a horizontally-striped shirt, and that cute heart necklace. Then she’s polishing her acting skills with an open button down and a khaki midi skirt. Ew, no to that skirt. Then, we’re in more of a classic Terri look – pajama chic. Sweatpants with a short sleeve ZUH. Just kidding, I’m not actually going to call zip up hoodies ZUHs. For dress rehearsal she dons a gingham sweater and this is the first time gingham has looked unappetizing to me. (Not because of her, but because of the sweater/color itself.) Next she’s in a gray and turquoise blouse and the heart necklace again. I also wanted to point out her French-manicured nails. Which I’d never noticed were severely out of style. HOWEVER, I think they’re sliding their way back into fashion as we speak. Poor sweet Terri. This is a completely overused phrase these days but, she doesn’t deserve this. Our final ‘fit ia a terra-cotta colored henley top paired with some newfound conviction. Conviction that sadly does not last.


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