Manny Santos Fashion 3.14

Accidents Will Happen Part 1

Manny is the star of the show today. She’s also the star of the gymnastics team. So we get several shots of the practice leotards, tracksuit, and also the fancy meet leotard. But on to her regular clothes – first we get a classic Manny look – an asymmetrical off-the-shoulder top featuring a tropical landscape. The exposed bra strap and newsboy hat are very nice touches. But things go downhill from there. And like Stephanie Kaye, we can see that as Manny begins to feel more downtrodden, her wardrobe tends to reflect that. So her hair is just worn in a plain low ponytail, minimal accessories, and a brown shirt. Then she’s running in athletic clothes and a zipup hoodie (love that scene!). And then, she waits for Craig in again, not the typical Manny attire.


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