Marco Del Rossi Fashion 3.19

It’s Raining Men

So, we get a huge Marco haul today. First of all, his hair seems to be dyed black and full of some sort of texturizing product, I’m not sure. I wouldn’t call this a full-on awkward hair stage because it’s not really that bad, it just seems kinda confused sometimes. Or almost looks like a wig. Not that there’s anything wrong with wigs of course. So this first outfit is really cool – multiple layers with a flared-sleeve flared-pants silhouette. And I also had to grab screenshots of the frantic date-outfit choices. Honestly I’m not sure why Marco has any of these in his closet. The shimmery clubby shirt, which is awesome, the peasant Oliver Twist shirt, and the cowboy shirt – also awesome. And with Spinner’s help, he settles on “sporty”, a black and yellow getup strangely reminiscent of bees, which he hates. And he puts on a fedora which Dylan immediately rejects. I think that is super rude, mortifying, and honestly not in Dylan’s character, right? And lastly, Marco’s all a mess in flare pants, a tee, and a zip up jacket.


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