Miscellaneous Fashion 4.1

Ghost in the Machine

Got a big haul of randos for you today. First is this cop who calls Paige Ms. Mickail-chuck. And I gotta admit, this next shot confused me – I had to think for a minute, when the heck was this? This is a shot from that “terrifying” movie Paige, Spinner, and Marco are watching at the drive-in. Next we have a girl with long straight hair, little sunglasses, and a cross body bag. Oh, and I see why I captured this next shot. We have a punk with full on liberty spikes on the front steps. Then a couple of girls hugging with 2000s haircuts. Next is Spinner considering putting up a picture of Mandy Moore in his locker. I’m PREEEEETTY sure she was already on her way out. I mean, it’s 2004. Right? Next is another shot outside the school. Mules, capris, baggy pants, skater shoes, spaghetti straps, casual khakis, and messenger bags abound. Next is some like, lawyers and judges wearing their costumes. Haha, just kidding. Their uniforms. I mean, attire? I don’t think American lawyers wear costumes, do they? Anyway, finally is this music store douche wearing a Distillers tee, zip up hoodie, and hat.


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