Ashley Kerwin Fashion 4.2

Ghost in the Machine Part 2

We kick off Part 2 with Ashley. Ugh, reconciling with Craig unfortunately. I still don’t understand how this happens. Although, I am reminded of this one time in college, I was walking by the Student Union Building, and this super cool guy was walking past me, opening some mail. This super cool guy like hardly ever spoke and just seemed too good for everyone. Anyway, he opened this envelope and he got a huge check for a bunch of money. So he exclaimed this to me, since I was the closest person around. We weren’t friends or anything but I was low-key honored for that interaction. My point is, that good fortune can bring people together. Craig getting a whole bunch of money is what reignited the conversation between the two. Anyway, on to the fashion. Carrying over from last episode, Ash is wearing that reddish denim jacket. Then she’s in something really weird – a tee with like, denim sleeves? Not sure how that worked. Maybe it’s a tee layered over a denim shirt. But that doesn’t seem comfortable. And this shirt says “F-14 Tomcat”, which I googled, and it is an aircraft. lol. Learning every day. Her hair is just really flipped out and really choppy. I can never decide if I like it. I mean, Ashley is hot though. I feel like she’s one of those people that just exudes some type of majesty in person. Oh yeah, and I added this last screenshot to show the low-rise jeans and studded belt.


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