JT Yorke Fashion 4.4

Mercy Street

Ah yes, JT’s shining moment. I wonder if Ryan Cooley felt that the writers constantly abused JT. Anyway so he’s got a major confidence problem because everyone sees his peenie and it’s small. Gosh, at least he seems to have gotten a haircut. Anyway, first he’s in swim trunks, a necklace, and some shades. At school he’s got a really preppy look of layered collared shirts. Next, in gym, he’s talking about Craig in blue shorts and a tee. Oh and sorry to show you a picture of JT tinkling, but it’s a full outfit shot and we don’t get very many of those. Long sleeve shirts under short sleeve shirts for the win. As well as the wide leg jeans. I’ve also included a nice shot of the King Cobra Penis Pump. Ew, okay, and the lovemaking outfit in the bedroom, complete with the mustache sweat, is like the worst thing ever. It’s hilarious but also makes me feel so embarrassed for JT. He’s got this breezy buttondown halfway undone, exposing his chest. loool. And the sex thing doesn’t go well if you recall – so the next outfit is here at school and it’s just so sad, he’s got a ton of flowers to say “sorry you saw me using a strange genital contraption”, with a plaid button down over an athletic-inspired tee, and casual khakis. Ouch, it is just painful. I gotta say though I kinda like most of JT’s style this episode. I don’t love it as much as early JT, but it is super realistic for the time period.


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