Manny Santos Fashion 4.4

Mercy Street

It’s Manny hour! Her hot tub vibe is sooo cute. I love the cherry bikini and those sunnies. Unfortunately her boyfriend is farting all over the place. The next outfit is kinda subdued, oversized 60s-mod-looking earrings, a zipup hoodie, and an orange tube top. Man, I kinda miss tube tops. Ones like what she’s got on with that thick elastic band at the top. Next she’s wearing her Asian looking blouse with the vertical striping and low rise jeans. She puts on a dark denim jacket to head over to JT’s house for sex. LOL! He wishes! This last outfit!! FINALLY we get some flash! She wears a PINK FEDORA which matchers her PINK PANTS! Also, a graphic tank and platform flip flops! I’m dying!


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